Singing with others has always been one of the great loves of my life. Sharing that love with people who lack such opportunities is what motivates me as a singing leader.

More than fifteen years ago, Fran Flower and Jennie Fisk and I realised we had a shared vision and began sharing singing as we do now, teaching by ear, in a circle.

 Music In our Bones started out with a group of 6 Family Carers more than 15 years ago and was launched as a charity in 2017. We sang in 2019 with a total of 792 people, 367 of these in our 8 regular singing groups supported by an inspiring team of 8 singing leaders. It has been an amazing journey everyone involved has been on, many people being part of our development all through those years.

What excites me is the way that singing brings people together, the way that all that separates us falls away in the making of music, the way that we can lift one another out from the mundane into a shared space that’s memorable and unique, a space in which we can feel freer and more fully alive. Here’s to more of that!