Professional qualifications and areas of expertise/special areas of interest

Ian Heywood has a degree in Music and is a retired community musician with 30 years of experience of making music with the widest possible cross-section of people of all ages.
He supports Music In Our Bones by being a trustee, and providing co-leader cover and support if and when needed. Ian also brings with him personal Family Carer understanding and experience.

Singing experience

Ian has sung in many bands, singing and playing guitar presently with Dragonfruit a songwriting and performing duo with Clare Woodcock. He has also helped run many musical projects run by Jabadao in residential and nursing homes for older people with and without dementia. In addition he is involved writing and teaching songs for regular musical performances in his local community. 

Team-teaching ,Training experience

Ian has been team teaching with Tracy Sharp since 2005 and with Music In our Bones since his retirement.
His working life as a Community Musician included working with Suffolk Artlink and a plethora of team teaching experiences.

Professional development

On-going termly meetings with Music In Our Bones singing leaders to evaluate and share ideas