Singing ,for me, has always been able to lift me out of the everyday – to console me when I’ve needed it, to heighten my joy and to always make me feel fully alive.

My earliest musical memories were singing with my grandfather as we made up chicken feed – probably about 18 months- My darling Clementine was his favourite! And then listening to my father sing either jazz or hymns – usually in the shower! I sang a lot of folk at school in Scotland and then in Canada in my late teens and early 20’s and after that most of my singing was in choirs or  with drama groups . I was encouraged, by a friend , to join Singing For Fun run by our own wonderful Ian Heywood which introduced to to the fabulous world of learning by ear and singing such a variety of music from around the world. Through that I met Jennie and then Tracy while singing with Shared Voices , led at that time by the amazing Sian Croose and also attended workshops led by some extraordinary international singing leaders.

Forming Music In Our Bones for Jennie, Tracy and I was certainly ,in part , a way of offering the wonderful teaching we have experienced to others who might not feel confident in their own voices or want to join a more formal choir.

Although I am now partly retired I can’t quite leave as this is by far the most wonderfully rewarding and joyful thing I have ever done!