We are of one blood you and I and we shall go singing to the fashioning of a new world.

William Morris

Music In Our Bones sees  volunteering as a way for our regular singers to get more involved our work.

We do not recruit volunteers externally but encourage our members to develop their interests and talents alongside us, whether those talents are practical, musical or social.

Some of our singers become :

Music In Our Bones ‘Supporters’

These are people who  volunteer occasionally at events such as our Big Sings or who help regularly with the practical management of our groups.  They…

•             Help setting up rooms for use

•             Welcome people into the project at the door or  manage people signing in and making their donations

•             Help manage refreshments and kitchen areas

•             Help as singing supporters encouraging the confidence of a harmony section by their own singing

•             Help as fundraisers meeting regularly for a period of time, applying for supermarket funding, and supporting fundraising events by requesting donations for refreshments and raffle prizes.

Music In Our Bones ‘Singing Volunteers’

Training and support is offered to regular singing volunteers  who:

•             Help us to keep in touch with singers in between sessions either by email, txt or phone

•             Help a singing leader by attending taster sessions delivered in the community as part of an encouraging team

•             Help run and evaluate a project run by Music In Our Bones

•             developing relationships with its members,

•             improving the quality of the music making on offer by joining in wholeheartedly with the singing and activities on offer,

•             helping singing leaders notice what works and doesn’t work for especially vulnerable singers in their feedback

Do talk with a singing leader if you sing with us and would like to get more involved in our singing community.