Making music together connects with us at a profound level.  It has the ability to tap into deeply held feelings and hopes, and to share from the darkest despair to the most uplifting optimism.

Changing Tunes

Covid-19 update

Groups are up and running again. Hurray! But we are also now offering online singing opportunities too. Please open the ‘OUR GROUPS’ tab for details. Or do email or 07757809297 to find out more about these opportunities to sing with us.

Although we are now able to meet face to face, please be aware that singing itself is a high risk activity, as Covid-19 and other respiratory infections are easily spread when we are singing. Because of this, we are continuing to take care of our most vulnerable singers by:

  • Singing in larger venues where necessary.
  • Encouraging mask wearing for people with additional health concerns or caring responsibilities so we know to give them additional personal space
  • Discouraging anyone from coming who feels ill in any way, even if it seems it’s just a cold! This is to keep everyone as safe as possible from unwanted chest and covid infections.
  • Keeping a good flow of air through the rooms we sing in, so wrap up warm! We are also using a CO2 monitor to check the air flow is good enough.
  • Sitting people in our usual circle but with spaces between us.
  • Ensuring that all singing leaders have negative lateral flow tests.
  • Please check if you haven’t sung for a while with us to see if there have been any changes to your venue, or the day of the week or timing of your group on 07757809297.

Not everyone feels ready to come back to face to face singing yet so our zooms sessions may help to stay in touch (these can be found in the OUR GROUPS tab). If neither works for you at the moment, do just phone for a chat on 07757809297 leave a message and we’ll get back to you.

  • Telephone support – singers from groups are letting us know if they would value a call and also if they are happy to call others.  Just get in touch on 07757809297 to get involved.
  • Zoom contact – We offer three on-line sings a month via Zoom. We can help you learn how to do this if you’re not a pro already so do make contact!

  • Regular email contact – just send us your email address if you’re not on a list already.

And a legacy from the pandemic!

  • Singing sessions via YouTube – We have filmed sings for you all. If you need a lift, do drop in and sing alongside us. click here to see the channel.

  • Singing sessions recorded on CD and posted to you – contact us with your address if you would enjoy these.

Online Choirs to Try

There are many other singing leaders offering regular zoom choirs you can join. It’s a matter of finding someone you relate to and whose style of teaching you enjoy. We recommend Natural Voice Choirs

Improve Your Confidence with your Voice

Or maybe you’d like a daily warm up to strengthen and develop your voice during the pandemic

Try Jon’s from Norwich

or Penny’s from Edinburgh

Find Help

And if things are especially difficult for you at the moment, these other organisations might be helpful:

NHS advice and free pilates / yoga /exercise classes Take their quiz and be directed!

Suffolk MIND

Suffolk Family Carers

NHS First response

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Start Something New

Or if you feel you need a rewarding challenge ( should you feel able to muster up the motivation!) now you have much more time on your hands. Here are some ideas which are free:

  • Learning or returning to another language: try Duolingo
  • Health and Well-being Events at Suffolk Libraries Online- there are lots of free online events for you to try here

Or try Joe Wicks senior workouts or chair exercises via You Tube!

Or let us know what’s helped YOU and we’ll add it to the list