I want to sing like the birds sing, not worrying about who hears or what they think


Would singing with Music in Our Bones be what you’re looking for?

You may be wondering ‘but am I a good enough singer to join a singing group’?

The answer is YES YOU ARE!

Most people singing with us arrived for the first time feeling anxious, saying things like….

  • I can’t sing, my voice isn’t good enough
  • I was told at school to mime and play the triangle, or I am laughed at home by my children if I ever try
  • I can’t read music and don’t have any experience of singing in a choir
  • I haven’t sung with a group since school or college days and feel really rusty

… the list goes on

But we’re here to let you know that, surrounded by others, everyone  CAN sing! It’s a communal achievement.

What helps new people in?

  • Our groups are really friendly and welcoming. 
  • We sit in a circle, everyone an equal in the music-making. There are no rows of seats, no auditions, people can move about and try singing different parts in the same session. It’s all about being curious about your voice, there are no rights and wrongs other than the need to be sensitive to others.
  • We teach everything by ear. There’s no music to read.
  • There are no performances and so no ‘rehearsals’. Each session stands alone so you’re letting no-one down if you can’t always make it.

People who join us include:

  • Family Carers – many of whom are managing stressful and unremitting caring roles
  • people managing grief and the need to create a new life
  • people managing life with Parkinsons, Stroke, MS , cancer and dementia
  • people coping with the depression and anxiety that many of us experience at different points in our life
  • and people who simply find that a great sing with a community of friendly people lifts their mood and helps them to feel more fully alive

Come and try a session. Be warned, you might get hooked!

Tasters are free and then it’s just a donation that’s encouraged so everyone can afford to come.

We really are passionate :

  • that everyone should have the chance to sing with others
  • that singing is an ancient accessible art form which has enabled people the world over, and throughout time, to make music as they work and celebrate. It allows us to feel  solidarity and strength together
  • that singing in harmony with others allows us to connect more deeply with our own emotional and spiritual lives, as well as offering us a profound sense of connection with others.

We aim to create a sense of safety and acceptance in our sessions in which we can simply feel curious about our voices, our own unique instruments, and interested in how we can develop our singing abilities free of judgement. Come and join us.

“Singing makes my mind stop churning, I leave here on a natural high.”