For me, making music and singing are places to play, connect and create with others. I love to share music in groups and with my fellow singers and musicians.  My approach is influenced by the use of our own natural voices and creating a space where we can all come together. 

I am an Occupational Therapist with a background in specialist health and social care settings and I have experience leading singing groups for those with breathing conditions, cancer and neurological conditions.  I have an arts degree in music and drama, I play several musical instruments and have qualifications in complementary therapies; aspects of which emerge in my teaching sessions. 

I have sung with local teachers, including Chris Rowbury in community choirs, Sian Croose in Shared Voices and Singing for Fun with Ian Heywood.  I sing with a local female acapella group and  in a small band with friends. 

I have been involved with teaching with Music in our Bones since 2016 and presently co-lead the  Songlines  group in Stowmarket with Tracy and Mark.

I regularly attend training events and meetings with other singing leaders.